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Hello how much cost it the buffet?

Eight for senior buffet starts at 2 pm, 13 to15 otherwise

Do you have steamed crab legs?.

Weekends only

Does this place ever have all you can eat crab legs?

Yes king crab legs and they are good!

How much is it

Depends in when you go and what time you go. Seniors can eat at around $8. Between $13-$15 for others. I believe children are free under 8

Any recent reviews from here? All I see is 1-6 months....

Good food and courteous staff. The only drawback is it's extremely busy with children running all around you. Which I guess is good too though bc that says they are super busy so they have to be good.

How much for the buffet ?

About 9 bucks. All u can eat

And the shrimp was slimmy .Yuck. And the commercials ad said a lunch special price and it is a gimmick the lunch special price is only for one hour from 2:00 to 3:00 pm if you are there before that you will pay $8.00 and after 3:30 you pay $10.50

I will agree the shrimp is slimy. I peferably dont like sea food at all but when i do eat its shrimp. Their prices are not what they seem i kniw me and my fiance went to eat for the lunch special and when we done it coast almost 30$. And we were their at 3. The sushi wasnt to bad either i think they rush cooking their food cuz my stepson got chicken and it wasnt all the way cooked. We talked to the manager and all he did was give us half off due to the circumstances given. I can say honestly when i went their last monday thw food was better this time. The mongolian bar food will make u sick i know of a few pwople complaining about it also. I would perfere you going to golden caral or hunans i never have had a bad time or bad food at hunans their shrimp is the best i think

Do they have crab legs on friday


Are you open for buffet

They opened up on earlier this week

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